Is gambling ruining your life? Have you tried to stop or control it, only to find yourself right back where you started? You are not alone. Eleven million American adults struggle with gambling problems. Most have tried to stop. Why do they fail? People with gambling problems have brains that react differently to gambling and risk. That’s not their fault. They didn’t choose it. It simply is what it is. When it comes to beating gambling addiction; tools, effort, action and 

knowledge are the solution. This book teaches the tried and true, concrete tools that work. It guides your effort and actions and provides knowledge. The SGSL Method worked for others. It will work for you. As you read, you will learn from the real experiences of people on the journey to recovery. Are you ready for more peace, connection and freedom? Then it’s time to stop gambling and start living. Open this book and find out how.

Pete Pennington was asked to lead a recovery program for people suffering from gambling addiction. Recognizing the need to counter the shame and stigma surrounding the issue, Pete set out to create “The Elephant Next Door,” an educational documentary addressing the widespread personal devastation caused by gambling problems.